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Shamaail Tirmizi
(شمائل ترمذی)
Al-Adab Al-Mufrad
(الأدب المفرد)
Miscellaneous Bayans
(متفرق بیانات)
(بخاری )

Live Bayan by Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri every Saturday
Starts 20 minutes after Isha Jamaat

You can now listen to Hazrat’s bayan on your MOBILE by downloading Ustream application from application store. Search for channel with the exact word muftiahmedkhanpuri

You will need Adobe Flash player to see the above player. If you dont have, you can download it by clicking here

When broadcasting starts, the channel will turn to 'On Air' from 'Off Air'. If the bayan stops, you can click on button to refresh.

Surat - India
New York - U.S.A
London - U.K.
Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.
Cape Town - S.A.
Jakarta - Indonesia

Isha Jama’at timings for the entire year are listed below.

Date Jamat Time (IST)   Date Jamat Time (IST)
12-Jan 8:15 PM 9-Aug 9:00 PM
9-Feb 8:30 PM 24-Aug 8:45 PM
23-Mar 8:45 PM 7-Sep 8:30 PM
27-Apr 9:00 PM 21-Sep 8:15 PM
25-May 9:15 PM 12-Oct 8:00 PM