Dealing with the societal problems which perpetually occur on a daily basis and finding their solutions is known as Iṣlāḥ-e-nafs and Iṣlāḥ-e-mu’āshirah. The attributes of jealousy, malice, hatred, greed, and lust are ever apparent in the hearts of men. By creating such motives within humankind in this world, The Most High has sought for humanity to work to purify themselves of these base traits and adorn themselves with praiseworthy qualities so as to enter into the ranks of His beloved people. This rectification is the essence Iṣlāḥ-e-nafs. If the self is not purified, it will become habituated with evil traits and bad habits, and will lead one to the deepest pit of destruction.

In this day and age, the disposition and mentality of purifying the self is coming to an end. In fact, to say it is extinct would be no exaggeration. The result of this is that the condition of society is going from bad to worse. If we examine just one branch of worship, i.e. ṣalāh, we see the condition of the Ummah is such that very few people are punctual of their salah. The state of the other acts of worship does not bear mentioning. As for morality and ethics within social transactions and interactions, we have become completely bankrupt.

There are now a number of paths that can be taken to achieve Iṣlāḥ-e-nafs and Iṣlāḥ-e-mu’āshirah once more, of which every path is effective and beneficial. From among them, one of the most effective ways is through advising, counselling, and preaching. When a person uses their God-given gift of eloquence to address people and express their inner emotions, their skilful eloquence can transform infamous thieves, bandits, and pirates and enlist them into the ranks of Allāh’s favoured people. With regards to the requisites of Dīn (the Faith), preaching has three tracts: (1) Inviting to Dīn, (2) rectifying the condition of the Ummah, (3) and defending Islam.

By the Grace of the Most High, in this day and age we have speakers in all three fields. If a person listens to the sermons of a pious and godly person with the intention of self-rectification, their heart’s condition transforms and is refreshed.

The present era is thought to be the era of the internet and media. In another words, it is an era of finding the easiest option available. A person can do everything whilst sitting in the comfort of their own home. Alongside its benefits, there are many harms as well. Before its existence, people would attend the masājid in order to partake in religious assemblies and gatherings. However, with the advent of the live broadcasting of programmes over the internet, many people have missed out on the opportunity to attend the blessed gatherings of the ulamā-e-kirām. Those with disabilities are obviously excused and exempt from this, yet many among the hale and healthy also suffice upon listening to the programmes over the internet without any valid excuse or reason. Similarly, the habit of listening to speeches on YouTube has become a common custom. The false and deviant sects have benefited immensely from this golden opportunity by using it to propagate and give currency to their creed at every available chance, leaving no stone unturned in this endeavour. By employing these new technologies, they have converted many simple-hearted people to their cause through the use of excellent presentation and marketing. Another ill effect of this is that such simple people are inquiring into religious precepts to solve their daily issues online without any thought for differentiating the sect, creed, or school of thought behind the edicts. Likewise, many of the websites online deal in outlandish, inaccurate, and often erroneous information, in order to draw attention, increase visitors, and keep their business going. And many simple-hearted, guileless, and naïve people find their ferry sinking as a result.

That is the condition of those people who are intending to gain something of the religious knowledge. Yet there are many more whose improper use of the internet has led to evils such as pornography, illicit friendships, fornication, and adultery. There are many sad cases of this kind, may Allāh protect us all.

In order to save the Ummah from such misguidance and to provide people with a source of sermons and discourses from authentic, reliable, and righteous scholars, this website has been designed wherein the speeches and discourses of our respected teacher, Hadhrat-e-Aqdas Mufti Aḥmed Khānpūrī Sahib (May Allāh allow us to derive benefit by blessing him a long life), have been uploaded in an audio format. They include a wide range of sermons and speeches that were delivered in many different countries. As well as this, Hadhrat’s weekly lessons of Qur’ān and Ḥadīth in the city of Surat will also be offered. This is all so that people can avoid misusing the internet and social media and instead derive benefit from the talks of reliable and authentic scholars, and so they can spend this temporarily life upon the rightly guided path and achieve the eternal success of the life hereafter.

The ardent admirers are requested to listen and derive maximum benefit from these discourses and gain reward in Dunyā and Ākhirah.