Live Bayan

Live lecture by Hazrat every Saturday. It starts approximately 20 minutes after Isha Jama'at in Masjid-E-Anwaar, Surat, Gujarat - India.

Lectures are not held when Hazrat is travelling.Wherever possible, we also regularly strive to bring you live lectures of Hazrat during his travel.

Isha Jama’at timings for the entire year are listed below.

Date Jamat Time (IST)   Date Jamat Time (IST)
4-Jan 8:15 PM 2-Aug 9:00 PM
1-Feb 8:30 PM 23-Aug 8:45 PM
8-Mar 8:45 PM 6-Sep 8:30 PM
12-Apr 9:00 PM 20-Sep 8:15 PM
17-May 9:15 PM 4-Oct 8:00 PM

Surat - India New York - U.S.A London - U.K Madina - Saudi Arabia Cape Town - S.A Jakarta - Indonesia