About Us

Since the advent of Islam, never before has there been such a dire need for a spiritual leader who would unify and lead mankind on the right path for the betterment of this life and the Hereafter.

Quran has mentioned the period before Islam as the first era of barbarism and illiteracy. We infer from this that the world will be going through a second era of barbarism and illiteracy where shame and dignity, manners and etiquettes, nobility and chasteness will be kept aside and human rights would be severely violated. This era’s notables will be ill-mannered people who will hold themselves in charge of human rights and morality. In the name of freedom, all kinds of atrocities would be encouraged and leaders of injustice and oppression will be called the flag-bearer of integrity and fairness. In this chaos, the creation of God will be led astray. They will label shame and chastity as bondage and public mockery will be made of the genuine etiquettes, manners and rights of people. Roles will be reversed where good is considered evil and vice versa. Who then can hesitate in calling such a state of affairs as the second era of ignorance, illiteracy and barbarism? In such times, only Islam and its teachings can save mankind from such deviations.

For the interpretation and explanation of divine teachings, Allah (subhanahu wataala) used to send from time to time some specially chosen people whom we refer to as Prophets and Messengers. When this succession ended with the last Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), the responsibility transferred to a group of people who possessed the knowledge of Quran and Hadith- the ‘ulamah.

In every era, righteous and practicing scholars not only stayed firm on the teachings of Islam, but they also kept on inviting people towards it. In our era today, Allah (subhanahu wataala) has taken immense work from our honorable teacher and spiritual guide, Hazrat Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri. His knowledge, teachings of Islam, and spiritual guidance is well known and widespread. It is our honor that through this website we are able to make available to the masses some jewels from the Shaykh’s vast knowledge of Islam, da’wah, and concern for the well being of the human society.